Civil Liberties

For Over 40 Years...

OAR has been protecting the civil liberties of those incarcerated in the Tompkins County Jail through the following services including: ReEntry services, Assigned Counsel intakes, and our charitable bail fund.

Computer Services


OAR offers phone and computer services for those who don't have phone or internet access to help contact employers, fill out applications, research resources, and attend virtual court appearances.

OAR knows how important the access to technology is during this time of COVID, so if you would like to use our phones and/or computers please call ahead during business hours to schedule an appointment or come during walk in hours Monday-Thursday 9-3pm.

ReEntry Services

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OAR has been working with our clients to ease their reentry back into the community for many years. The growing interest in the issue has increasingly engaged more people.

OAR believes that by working with an inclusive group of organizations and individuals, greater changes lie ahead.

Visit our Resources page for more information.

Assigned Counsel

The vast majority of OAR’s incarcerated clients live below the federal poverty line.

Constitutionally, these individuals have a right to legal representation — provided in Tompkins County through the Assigned Counsel program.

OAR conducts intakes for Assigned Counsel representation for those in the Tompkins County Jail, guaranteeing swift assignment of legal representation.


College Initiative Upstate is a learning community of educators, students, and volunteers from Tompkins County who are working together to build pathways from criminal justice involvement to college and beyond.

We can help you: choose a college, apply for financial aid, work with outstanding student loans, receive tutoring, engage in college readiness courses, get wrap-around support during the application process. Give us a call to see if college is right for you.

Visit our CIU page to learn more.


Liaison Services


At OAR, we offer comprehensive liaison services between you and different entities in the community.

Getting you the support you need is our number one goal, whether you are incarcerated or not.

We maintain a direct line for receiving phone calls from clients at the Tompkins County Jail.

This allows people incarcerated to stay in contact with loved ones and allows our staff to relay messages from lawyers, employers, landlords, and family members.

We also provide one stamped envelope a week to ensure everyone maintains their right of communication, as well as set up phone appointments for family members to come talk to their loved ones at the Tompkins County Jail for free.


Community Partners

We are here to activate a network of services so that you can maintain family and community ties, access available resources and support, and reduce the negative consequences of incarceration. The organizations we work with provide:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Social Services
  • Healthcare
  • Mental Health Support
  • Housing Assistance
  • Employment Guidance
  • Educational Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Support
  • Religious Services


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