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One of only four bail programs in New York State. Our bail fund program provides bail loans to those in need. Our program recognizes that economic inequality can result in unequal treatment before the law, and we strive to provide a more justice-oriented outcome for those of limited means navigating the criminal justice system.


It costs about $160.00 a day to hold someone at the Tompkins County Jail.  Releasing eligible people on bail saves the County tons of money and tax dollars.




Bail loans are available to Tompkins County residents who have been rigorously screened and lack the means to post bail.  By law, we cannot provide bail for felony charges or any bail amounts over $2,000

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The facts about America’s jails are sobering:


  • Our jails mostly house people who are awaiting trial and legally presumed innocent
  • Most people in jail are there for nonviolent traffic, property, drug, or public order offenses
  • African Americans are jailed at almost four times the rate of white Americans
  • Two thirds of the people in jail have a history of abusing drugs, alcohol, or both

      Vera Institute, December 2016