Sheena Venay

TC3 Human Services Pathways Scholar

I have always wanted to go enroll in college, and have finally taken the steps to begin. One of my biggest motivations has been the birth of my son who is now 2 years old. I took the HETP (Hospitality Employment Training Program) at GIAC and really liked it. This program helped me to realize what I wanted to do in life – which is to become a restaurant and hotel manager. The woman who runs this program was extremely supportive and suggested that I “Stay focused and never give up on my goals.” I’ve heard great things about TC3’s Hospitality Program and expect to learn the new skills I will need there. At the HETP program I met a few students who were then enrolled in the Hospitality Program who loved the program and were excited by not only the academic portion of the program, but also the “Farm-to-Table” orientation.